Making use of a new mother’s placenta, for months after giving birth, is the mission of a San Francisco Bay area-woman.

Her process of converting a new mother’s placenta into pill form helps, she claims, maintain health and vitality.

Heather Ramsey is fully immersed in the joys of motherhood, getting to know her newborn baby Sebastian.

And sharing plenty of playtime with 2 year old Zach.

“I’m dancing with my son, after a week of delivering by C-section. It’s fun. We’re just having a great time together”

Her secret, she says, these magic pills.

“The first night I took them about an hour before I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep (laughs), and I was up and I was like ‘wow these pills really work’ (laughter).”

So what’s inside the capsules?

The very organ that supplied sebastian the nutrients he needed while inside the womb…mom’s placenta.

Placenta encapsulation specialist Mendy Thijssen says placentas shouldn’t be tossed out like garbage.

“The placenta is very nutritious. it has tons of iron, b vitamins…”

Thijssen’s helping women benefit from something their own body makes.

“We actually do cook the placenta first. It’s like a steaming process. And then with some warming herbs.”

After getting steamed and sliced, the placenta’s dehydrated.

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