In Broward or Miami Dade, call 954-610-9754 for an appointment with Dr. Vivian Keeler.

Hypnosis is a natural and effective approach to help you lose weight, stop smoking and reduce stress while increasing your health and confidence. Simply stated hypnosis is focused attention. Your mind is aware and your body is relaxed.

People can change their behavior without using hypnosis. But there are times when you want help and support in making a change. And it is in these situations that hypnosis can be one of the most effective ways to change behavior.

Hypnosis will not make you change. Hypnosis cannot make you lose weight or make you quit smoking or make you feel less stressed, but if changing your behavior is what you desire to do, hypnosis allows you to use your mind as an ally in your success.

The initial appointment includes a thorough consultation, assessment and hypnosis session, and typically lasts an hour and one-half. Subsequent appointments are usually scheduled for one hour.

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