One of the most often asked questions in our practice is how does an expectant mother go about choosing a doula.

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Doulas play an extremely important role in the preparation for birth and beyond. While mothers count with an innate guidance for the best care of their pregnancy, there are many questions that arise that can be answered by a doula that shares their pregnancy and birthing philosophy.

Mothers to be are well advised to heed their natural instinct and to listen to their bodies and emotions about their pregnancy. A professional doula can help a new mother make sense of these new feelings and to guide her through this beautiful period.

This is why, we believe that the most important part of choosing a doula, is to make sure that mother and doula are philosophically aligned.  You will be spending a lot time with the doula, and you would want to make sure, that the answer to your questions come from a compatible source.

In our practice at ABAB we have designed free events where parents to be can meet our doulas and ask all the pertinent questions.




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