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Your body will be ready to conceive when it is free of stress, unwanted hormones, and congestion in the pelvic region.

Fertility massage works on all three with the combination of acupressure, abdominal massage, energy work, and reflexology.

Stress is prevalent among women with fertility issues. It is absolutely important to reduce stress since it increases the amount of hormones in the body that hinder the implantation of the egg.

Abdominal massage will increase blood flow to reproductive organs and break up any adhesions within the pelvic region, which increases fertility.

There are several benefits to fertility massage, such as a healthy menstrual cycle and ovulation, supported hormone balance and immune system, a boost in fertility naturally, and the reduction of cysts and fibroids.

This should be a very joyous time in a couple lives. Ease the stress and tension with a relaxing beneficial fertility massage.

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